7-Eleven: a Way of Life Essay

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7-Eleven: A Way of Life 2

7-Eleven would maintain a policy allowing the franchisee to completely back out after being selected, trained and assisted into operations as a full-fledged franchise due to not being able to uphold the business relationship. 7-Eleven requires a training program which includes expenses related to the initial training which is required once certified. If any of the trainees fail to become certified as having satisfactorily completed the initial training program, the franchisee agree to be responsible for all expenses related to the initial training, including lodging, but excluding the costs of providing the initial training. At any time before the effective date, if any of the trainees do
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Update the franchisor’s operating manual

3. Advertise or promote the franchisor’s franchisees and the products and services sold by


4. Sell to you the goods, products, or services that the franchisor controls and are necessary

for the franchised business.

5. Give you advice regarding the operation of the franchised business, such as preparation

of the goods and services in the manner provided for in the operation manual,

management of supplies, styles and type of service, operation of your shop, and

development of a personal policy. Any franchising fees not only impact your initial decision as to which franchise you should invest in, but also your ongoing operation of the business. So, it is a good idea to have an understanding of what the franchisee fees are and why they are important. The costs and benefits accrue to 7-Eleven by having such a refund policy are limited if the agreement does not become effective as provided through fault of the franchisee. 7-Eleven will then agree to refund the down payment and the franchise fee to the franchisee without interest, minus any amount that is owed. 7-Eleven leverages their strong brand and proven systems to attract talented entrepreneurs as franchisees, new franchisees contribute their capital to buy into the 7-Eleven to expand nationally and operating more stores 7-Eleven generates greater total revenue and more negotiating

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