( 7 ) Explain Your Allergic ( Inflammation ) Response To The Bee Sting

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7. (4 pts) Explain your allergic (inflammation) response to the bee sting. How will this response affect your BP? After being stung by the bee, one indicator that you are having an allergic reaction in this case is extreme redness of the skin. The bee sting injected allergens into your body and your body overreacts trying to fight off the allergens and cause an allergic reaction.There are minor allergic reactions and more severe ones. In this case if my body is turning red everywhere, and not just where i was stung, then it is a more severe reaction. Swelling and Itchiness are some symptoms to follow the redness of the skin but it is also common for your blood pressure to drop due to an allergic reaction which should not be taken lightly.
8. (8 pts) Explain your autonomic response to this event. State which division is taking control and describe exactly how that division will effect breathing rate, heart rate, sweating, and pupil size. (Note: don’t just describe the effect, but describe the specific control pathway that leads to each effect, including any chemical messengers involved.) In stressful situations the body activates its Autonomic Nervous System in an attempt to maintain homeostasis. The primary function is to regulate the stress response. The amygdala recognizes the threat and the hypothalamus controls the release of hormones from the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland can release hormones into the bloodstream that travel down to the kidneys and

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