7 Habits Profile Essay

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Recently I obtained and completed a self-scoring seven habits profile worksheet. Through performing this task, I could see which leadership habits I accel in as well as the habits I may need to improve on. To start the evaluation, the category I scored the highest in was the “emotional bank account” (15/18). This category is a foundation of the seven habits which includes traits such as showing kindness to others, keeping promises, and refusing to negatively talk about an individual behind their back. The category I scored the lowest in was “begin with the end in mind” (11/18). This category is the second of the seven habits and includes traits such as knowing what you want to accomplish in life, organizing and preparing work to reduce chance…show more content…
The theory states leaders are either task oriented or relationship (people) oriented and suggests matching the leadership style to the organizational needs. My first strength would be my flexibility in task structure. As I am more relationship oriented, I tend to give employees more freedom to decide how to complete a task in a way that makes the most sense to them. For example, say I was managing a group of software engineers who needed to develop a platform for a client. I could dictate exactly what type of platform they develop and the steps in used to create it. This would certainly get the job done quickly, but likely wouldn’t be the best solution. Conversely, I could hold a brainstorming meeting to determine the type of platform that would work best. Once this is decided I could leave it up to the software engineers to determine the order in which to execute the steps for the project most efficiently. Now say this same team of software engineers received a project where the client wanted a very specific platform exactly the way the client designed it. Though this project would be more task-oriented, there could still be some areas in which flexibility was allowed. Even if it’s as small as changing one or two steps within a hundred-step process, if an employee can perform the task more efficiently and still provide the same
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