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What are the seven habits meant for? The seven habits are meant to inspire people into bettering their everyday lives in society. Also, the seven habits are meant to create routine. By creating routine, you or the person that is following these steps can plan out their next move (e.g. When playing chess, each chess player will plan ahead on which move they will make and will try to anticipate the other players moves). We each have points in life that we need to improve on, yet, many don’t hold themselves to those ‘promises’ that they make to themselves to change their ways.
For instance, one of the seven habits that I believe I am good at is habit one. The reason I believe I am good at habit one is because, each night before school I pack my backpack. Also, I start any homework I know is going to be given/due soon (depending on whether or not I get a class syllabus). Considering many assignments/tests/quizzes/exams are given during the four years of high school, I spend thirty minutes at least a day studying my class notes. This helps me pass my assignments/tests/quizzes/exams. Yet, all people need to improve on subjects/categories in life.
The habit I believe I need to improve on is habit six, synergize. This is because I am used to working individually and I am also a perfectionist when it comes to my notes/writing (in general). To
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Although it may seem like you may not need to improve in any areas, but there are always areas in which we as a society/Homosapiens can improve in. Also, I hope to improve in habit six, and to continue my ways in being proactive (habit one). In the end, the seven habits have changed the way many look at themselves, and the path they are on/leaving for posterity. Therefore, the seven habits do not only affect you, they affect your surroundings as well. (e.g. Paragraph three; group project based on Earth
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