7 Habits of Highly Effective People

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I think win/lose way to often, it demonstrates my selfishness that is influencing me. It generated a negative emotional bank account by my sister. I think win/lose, especially with my sister; I believe I made her think lose/win to get it over with. She doesn’t think that way just with me, but also with other people, because I think I made her insecure about herself. Now that I have realized that, I am trying to compensate by either thinking lose/win or win/win. So I will get back in the positive emotional bank account. It is quite a challenge for someone who has always been thinking win/lose to go over to win/win or lose/win. I do believe I have been working on it very well and that it’s going a lot better. It has already demonstrated my self-awareness, and imagination, but I have to listen a little more to my conscience, to accomplish my independent will. Covey’s habit 4 I believe is one of the easiest habit but also a very effective habit to become successful and well-liked, without having to take advantage of anyone. I loved to read his examples, especially the one of the software company that was almost going bankrupt and accepted to not follow the contract, but then after that was asked for a way bigger service. It shows that if you think lose/win at first that it might be a bigger win later. Habit 5: Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood When I recently arrived in Canada from The Netherlands I was shocked by the difference in the culture. I came from a
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