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7 life stages of Tantra Not like Tantra, Hindu mythology or social system has divided the human life in 4 life stages considering the whole life of 100 years they have divided it in 4 life spans or stages. These are First Brahmcharaya meaning celibacy. Up to 25 years of age one should observe celibacy should not indulge in sex life. He/she should study and learn the things and collect knowledge. Second stage is Gristh meaning family life. One should marry produce his progeny raise a family and establish his kids and up to 50 years of age one should live this life. Then after 50 years is the third stage called Van Parasth meaning taking less interest in worldly affairs, he should start retiring from family life and do some social work and…show more content…
In this stage he is frustrated some times because he sees no future. If a person has done well in his past stages and if he is successful then he becomes egoistic. This is time when one finds oneself on cross roads. Next life stage is Seniorhood This stage is from 57 years to 70 years. In this stage a person come to face reality and submit to it. What person has done in the past, if he is satisfied over it he is at his best peace of mind and he can be irritated too if the things did not happened to his planning and his desires were not fulfilled. Elderhood Next stage of life is Elderhood. This is from the year 71 to 84 years of age. His body becomes weak feels less energetic. In this stage a person complains about the present times, always declaring his times were good and spends most of his time in prayers and God realization. If he has not secured his future by little savings in his earlier stages then his life becomes miserable. Waiting Last stage of human life is Waiting. All the senses come to stop mostly. Person is unable to see properly, hear properly and much physical energy has been lost. He thinks he has lived much good to its expectations and pray God to call him back in His fold. Tantra says it is interesting that from 2 stages of life when the sex is active in a human life, it does not die till the end. Sex is the life energy. In every stage of life a human being does not lose his interest in sex. The day a person loses

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