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7 Oceans

Action with a little bit extra is about right for describing new online slots release 7 Oceans from Microgaming. This slot has clear old schools intentions and it strives to be as deep and fast moving as the ocean waves when a storm is kicking up. Featuring super fast reel spinning and a lot of images from the deep, it’s pretty clear as to why this game is slowly beginning to command the attention of punters.

While the above has broken down the premise of 7 Oceans video slot, the gameplay is not quite as deep as it could be, because of the 9 payline and no free spins, so we might not be seaworthy for long here. If you still want to learn more about what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to 7 Oceans, we would recommend that you
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If you utilise two coins for your bet, you would look at the “2nd Coin” section and could score larger rewards as listed there. Using three coins for your betting allows you to achieve success based on both the 2nd and 3rd coin areas. Obviously, although you would wager more with three coins, it would let you get up to rows of seven either matching icons of combinations of seven symbols and your earnings could be seriously substantial.

Starting to Run Dry

Sadly, this game has one massive drawback, that being the lack of bonus features. No free spins, no multipliers, no wilds, no scatters, this game has literally nothing on the added extras front to discuss. We understand that Microgaming wanted to stand by the classic formula here, but we do believe that a few additional playing incentives would have made this real money online slots title a little more enjoyable.

Feel the Drive and the Rush

Players seem to like the general theme of a slots game that is based underwater – the sheer amount of related games out there proves that - thus wanting to have more of the same if pretty much a given. With respect to similar games, there are Ocean Drive and Ocean Rush both of which can go far against 7 Ocean. The two aforementioned titles carry the same ocean style theme, but if we’re being honest, if you really do want to play another underwater themed game, you are hardly going to have to search all that hard.
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