7 P's of Service Marketing for a Bank

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Marketing of Banking Services (Case of Prime Bank Ltd. )



Internship program is a pre-requisite for acquiring BBA degree in UIU. Before completion of the program, every student must undergo the internship program or a research work. It is mandatory because classroom discussion alone cannot make a student outstanding in handling the real business scenario. This is an opportunity for a student to learn about the real life situation and how to act accordingly. Another purpose is to know about the rules, regulation and environment of an organization before getting a job or starting a business. Such experience may facilitate a student to have a better job or get success quickly in a
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To conduct a smooth and accurate study there should be some rules and regulations. For this report I have use both primary and secondary data. i) The primary sources of data are as follows: Face to face conversation with the bank officers and staffs. Direct conversation with the clients. Practical Deskwork. Observation of different marketing approaches. ii) The secondary sources of data are as follows: Website of the PBL Annual report of the bank. Different manuals and publications of the bank. Unpublished data received from the Branch. Different text books. Different circulars sent by Head Office of PBL and Bangladesh Bank.
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Marketing of Banking Services (Case of Prime Bank Ltd. )

Like any other study this study also includes some limitations. Shimrail branch is not a very big branch but it is a very busy branch indeed. The employees of the branch were very busy to carry out their daily responsibilities as a result it was really very tough for them to give me time for in depth understanding . They were eager enough to help me but it was really not feasible to give us that much time because duties come first. This was the main limitation of the study. So, what I did is I took a brief idea about the thing and then analyze it logically and if there were any deviation I asked them again. Another common constraint for me was the time. As I gave so much time (8.30am-7.30pm) for practical learning as

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