7 Stages Of Grief Essay

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On May 10, 1990, Moises had arrived to Mexico for another one of his quick meet-ups with his parents as it was Mexican Mother’s Day. He had stayed for a couple of days with his parents and siblings, and during his stay, even more people came around to meet up with up and wanted to hang out with him. During this time, he had learned that my mother was recently engaged to my father, Guillermo Diaz, and the wedding was going to happen in a couple of months from now. Moises’ face was just like the face of my mother when she had seen him in America, utter shock and happiness. He immediately hugged her just like she had in the past, and stated that, “He was very proud of her.” It was a very touching moment indeed, as many people all around came to…show more content…
It wasn’t long until word got around that Moises was killed, and once people got to hear the news, many people did not accept the idea that he was dead. However, it wasn’t long until they could see the news of the accident and learned that it was true. Once people could know the truth, everyone’s emotions became incredibly unstable, but if anyone would have to describe what the status that everyone was feeling would be that they were experiencing the 7 stages of grief in full effect. This goes especially true for his family as they saw him as someone who would not die from such event, and praising that he would live all the way until he was too old for this world. But that did not seem to be true as the house itself had a feel of depression in the air; it was as if the house itself was sad that his creator was killed in such a random way. This was probably the hardest time that anyone would have to learn and live through; so much so that in comparison to the previous catastrophes, they seemed to be cakewalks over this new catastrophe. And this last for quite some times, in fact, all the way to the actual day of the funeral and
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