7 Steps Of A Productive Life

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7 Steps To A Productive Life
By Fonzy Montenegro | Submitted On December 05, 2012

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Expert Author Fonzy Montenegro
As you all know by now, feeling good is vital for the law of attraction to work for you and that 's a fact. It 's tapping into the vibration that creates worlds. So to tap into that higher frequency, you need to feel good most of the time.

One positive feeling I like to talk about today is the feeling of being productive. Yes, that 's right. When you feel productive, you can feel passionate, content, and satisfied with who you are right now. And that 's a positive emotion where, if you stay in that state, all of the things you want will come to you easily since you 're in a higher vibration or point of attraction.

So with that, here are 7 steps you can implement in your life right now to feel productive.

Step 1 Improve Concentration

This is the most basic of all the 7 steps. Without the ability to focus on one thing at a time, you will fail in the long-run. It 's very important to have the ability to block out all distractions and focus single-mindedly on one task at a time. When you are able to do this, you will have a power that
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