7 Stress Relief Strategies

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In her article, "7 Stress Relief Strategies When You're Short On Time'', Paula Davis-Laack discuss several stress relief strategies that people can try when they have ten minutes or less at work. Stress management is also covered in our textbook in chapter 3. Indeed, chapter 3 discuss personal stress management, and the topic is discussed in details in the section "managing stress" from page 77 to 79. However, the article and the textbook’s approach to stress management differently.
While the article focuses on stress relief strategies in the work environment, the textbook gives some useful stress management tips that could particularly help college students. Obviously, college is a quite stressful experience. College students should then take advantage of this moment to start learning and practicing the art of stress reduction. The first textbook's suggestion to manage stress is journaling. Clearly, this is the easiest, simple but effective way to work through stress. Putting our feelings into words can help us in
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In fact, the main purpose of relaxation is to calm our bodies and mind. We can choose between several relaxation techniques which include progressive relaxation, visualization or guided imagery and biofeedback. Here again, this strategy differs from the ones mentioned in the article. Relaxation requires a calm environment which is not the case of the work environment. Another strategy is meditation, which helps a person reach a state of relaxation, but with the goal of achieving inner peace and harmony. College students may also use this strategy, which is effective to reduce stress. The most popular exercise practiced to reduce stress is yoga. Yoga is defined as the union of the mind, body and spirit. Yoga has been proven to be efficient in stress management and is widely practice around the world. Unlike the other strategies yoga can be easily incorporated into a worker's
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