7. What Would You Recommend to the Ceo Given Your Analysis of His Approach Thus Far?

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Important Course Information
Course Overview
Throughout this course you will assume the role of a management consultant hired by a variety of clients. Each individual or group project you undertake will present a different management or leadership challenge. These projects will give you an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of modern leadership issues and apply ethical theories and reasoning skills to business situations.
General Project Deliverable Guidelines
As a management consultant you make a living by providing management advice to senior level managers with regard to management problems that they are experiencing within their organization. Your role is to analyze the situation and then apply your experience,
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Your client has asked you to prepare a report in which you address the following questions: 1. How should the leader deal with the situation? 2. How are leading and managing different? 3. Is the CEO trying to lead or manage this change initiative? 4. What arguments can he use to persuade his managers? 5. What can he do to help his managers change their style? 6. What are the implications of his actions and decisions? 7. What would you recommend to the CEO given your analysis of his approach thus far?
Use the Library or other Web resources to support your argument. Be sure to cite your sources using APA Style 6th edition guidelines.
Your report MUST include a reference list. All research should be cited in the body of the paper. Discussion Board essays and Individual Projects without references and citations may not earn any higher grade than a 'C' letter grade. Your report should contain an abstract, a short introduction, and conclusion in addition to the body of the paper. Please note that if you have a source in your reference section, you need to cite it in the body of the paper per APA guidelines and vice-versa.
Please submit your assignment as a Word document in APA Style 6th edition format.
Objective: The Objective of the Unit 1 IP Assignment will involve the following the Course Outcomes and Grading Criteria with their respective percentages for the Grading
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