7000 Data Management

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Create a memo describing your initial analysis of the situation at FAME as it relates to the design of the data base application. Write this as though you are writing a memo to Martin Forondo. Ensure that your memo addresses the following points: a. Your approach to addressing the problem at hand (for example, specify the systems development life cycle or whatever approach you plan on taking). Mr. Forondo, FAME (Forndo Artist Management Excellence) needs technology support to track the contracts of artists, a proposal for contracts to new artists, calendars of artist schedules and the performance shows, etc. In any event, music manager today have to be informed about a lot more things than they used to in the past including music…show more content…
b. What will the new system accomplish? What functions will it perform? Which organization goals will it support? This is dangerous because management is the one field in the music business where you are required to know at least something about every aspect of the music business. Gathering content from various sources leaves you not only with an incomplete picture; but also is a very inefficient use of your valuable time and energy. In light of that we have put together the perfect knowledge resource for theArtist Management; saving you valuable time, effort and money so that you can leverage the information into actionable intelligence and generate income for yourself and your artists or clients. The logical sequence in a “how-to” manner that you can use much like a to a to-do list; making sure all the important aspects are taken care of before you move on to the next task. The information of the artists are stored in the database, FAME can access the database where they can achieve the business goals of the customers and to act on the artists within the budget. The application helps managers to set the new goals for the artists to assign new assignments by creating separate tables ARTIST table, ASSIGNMENT table where the application can directly read the artist information and show up on the application. c.
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