70's Decade

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The 70’s decade was a milestone in US (United States) history for many reasons. It was an important stride in women's rights, sports, education, politics, global issues, and helping nature. From catchy phrases, to presidential scandals, the 70’s decade majorly contributed to our US history. One major event in the 70’s was sports for many reasons. Cassius Clay had defended his title 8 times, but in 1967 outside the ring, he lost a major battle. He was convicted of refusing to submit induction into the armed services (Our Century 55). The World Boxing Association the stripped him of his title and barred him from the ring. Back in 1964, Clay had joined the Black Muslims, and eventually took the Muslim name, Muhammad Ali, which is what we know…show more content…
Women realized they were “second class” to society, and finally took a stand. There was a huge march in New York City, with more than 35,000 women participating (Stewart 26). Many groups were formed to hopefully help this movement, such as The ERA, which stands for the Equal Rights Amendment. It was first proposed in 1923, by the National Woman's Party. The amendment would make it illegal to deny or limit people’s rights based on gender (Women’s Rights 43)F. Some people wanted to stop the amendment because they worried it would cause women to be drafted in the war. Sadly, only 35% of the states ratified it, and therefore the bill died (Stewart 34). Then in 1973, there was a supreme court case known as Roe Vs Wade, which concerned the rights of women to have abortions (Women’s Rights 41). It was the one of the most controversial rulings when they finally ruled that women can get the choice to have an abortion. Although most state laws found it unconstitutional (Stewart 30). Women were treated very badly everywhere they stepped foot, especially in the workplace. Most men thought women couldn’t accomplish what they did, so they were often discriminated (Women’s Rights 14). Richard Nixon (the president at the time) stated, “Let me make one thing perfectly clear. I wouldn’t want to wake up next to a lady pipe fitter.” (Stewart 32). That quote shows that even the President believed that women couldn’t…show more content…
New laws were made to protect drinking water and established smokestack standards. The first “Earth Day”, happened on April 22, 1970, and it was meant to be a day where students could learn about the Earth. More than 12,00 high schools and colleges suspended class for a day to learn about Earth, and thousands of Elementary schools picked up trash and litter (Stewart 51). Hundreds of thousands gathered in New York, and Washington DC to show support for the new concern and protest the abuse of land, air, water, and wildlife (Stewart 51). There was also a big kick on air pollution. Many gas stations held up signs saying “no gas”, so the gas stations still open had lines going for miles. The waits would last for several hours (Stewart
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