72 Hour Hold By Bebe Moore Campbell Essay

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Life is a daring adventure. Throughout the lifespan, one will encounter many rewarding and challenging experiences. For example, during one’s youth, balancing academics and maintaining healthy relationships with both family and friends is perplexing. Nevertheless, imagine adding another element on top of the boat load of responsibilities and expectations that growing up beckons- mental illness. In 72 Hour Hold by Bebe Moore Campbell, the main character, Trina, truly defines how much of a rollercoaster life can be. As told through her mother’s perspective, one will learn that Trina is a eighteen year old female of African-American decent and resides with her mother in Los Angeles, California. Trina’s parents, Keri and Clyde, provide their daughter with an upper/upper middle class lifestyle due to her father’s sudden successful career and her mother’s successful resale clothing business in Los Angeles. This well rounded and beautiful adolescent has recently graduated from high school with high grades and was accepted to Brown University, however, due to her summer manic episodes, Trina has not attended college yet. After her high school graduation, Trina began experiencing manic episodes. These episodes consisted of Trina lashing out in various ways. Some moments within the book described Trina as verbally and physically abusive towards her mother, destructive by smashing glass cups, extreme paranoia, and wild nights out involving joints or alcohol. In June, Trina was

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