759 Store Essay

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1) Executive Summary
759 STORE established in year 2010, is the retail business of the CEC Group [1] that was set up with reference to the consumer culture of living areas in Japan. It mainly sells snacks, beverages, food and other packaged food and cosmetics which imported from Japan and other regions of the world. In the year, 759 STORE gradually introduced characteristic domestic goods including kitchen supplies and household goods mainly from Japan. Running with high inventory turnover rate, 759 STORE aimed to gJuly 30, 20157/30/2015ive desirable service to vast local Hong Kong residents, providing a relaxing shopping environment with wide range of products for 759 store’s customers to choose.
CEC國際控股 (0759.HK)
2.000 0.070(3.627%) 07月29日, 星期三, 15:59
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Nowadays, 759 STORE is basically one of largest snacks chains store in Hong Kong.
This project report aims to find out “ How to improve 759 market share in Hong Kong”, review the business strategies, state the opportunities and problems through the internal and external analysis, and recommend future strategies for improvements.
For strategic analysis part, we used PESTLE and Porter’s 5 forces for external analysis; and SWOT and Value Chain for internal analysis.
For Porter’s Five Forces analysis, the degree of each focus should be:
1. Rivalry among existing firms – low
2. Threat of new entrants - low
3. Bargaining power of suppliers - low
4. Bargaining power of buyers -
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