7c's of Written Communication

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7 C’s off effective communication (with respect to written communication):
Written communication occupies an important position in the communication sphere, so written communication has to pay adequate attention on certain principles of necessity. The essentials of every written communication are principles of unity, coherence and emphasis. These principles along with other essentials of effective communication, like language, planning and organization make the written communication effective.

* Clarity: The writing should be correctly planned and expressed in a logical way,and the writer should make sure that the ideas flow smoothly from beginning to end. The message must be so clear that even the dullest man in the world should
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Coherence means, tying together of several ideas, under one main topic in any paragraph. Smooth flow, lucidity and transition aspects should be given effect to and there should not be any scope for the reader to misinterpret, mis-read or mis- spell the message. Coherence is given to a larger paragraph or section of a message and leads to purposeful communication where the writer is well received, read, understood and acted upon by the reader. * Conciseness: Conciseness is an important factor in effective communication. It means saying all that needs to be said and no more. The aimless verbiage, unnecessary details and heavy paragraphs make our communication ridiculous and ineffective. We must omit those words and sentences from our message, which are not likely to bring about results. The message, which can be expressed in fewer words, is more impressive and effective than the same message expressed in a number of words. The communicator must organize his message in such a way that every word in it is meaningful and of interest to the receiver. Even a single word or a sentence, which does not contribute to accomplish the purpose of the communication, should be carefully omitted. Conciseness refers to thoughts expressed in the fewest words consistent with writing. It is achieved in writing in definite style and use of precise words. Unnecessary superlatives, exaggeration and indirect beginning should be avoided. Care should be taken to

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