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A study finds that there are 88% of Australian women spending in online cosmetics and beauty (Powertail.com.au). Being an online retailer in the Australian cosmetics industry has many advantages. It is convenient for buyers to shop and access to a wider variety of many product lines at the same time. Meanwhile, it is time-saving and also money-saving for the customers rather than buying cosmetics at the local stores.
However, due to the increasing numbers of online stores and online retailers, customers are faced with many choices. A recent research says that more than $40 billion is blown on cosmetic products globally each year (Livescience, 2012). We believe that the consequences resulting from the brands’ controlling image.
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In conclusion, the values of service we offering are high quality products from well-known brands delivered to subscribers’ door every month. As the monthly bags contain up to 5 products at affordable subscribing fee, it will be easier to get access to our customer market who love to experience different products but have limited budget.


We have analysed the latest beauty trend to intelligently set a price that we think is attractive enough and yet bring us profits.
It is apparent that instead assuming all the risks of not satisfying with the products, our service offers a better solution for the customers. By subscribing $10 per month or special price $110 per year, customers have the chance to get to try new products. Our service therefore is a benefit to the customers and the business is also profitable and affordable.
The bill will be automatically re-ordered every month. Customers can unsubscribed anytime they want.

We believe an online website is the perfect and most effective tool to communicate with our customers. In order to attract new customers, our website is interactive and easy to use. The following table shows our basic contents of the website and the functions it has. | About us | Guidelines | Customer Service Help | Member’s Account | Other contents |
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