7p's analysis for Caff'e Nero' Essay

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Service analysis (7P’s) and recommendation : Caffe’ Nero Introduction Caffe’ Nero was founded by Gerry ford in 1997 which aiming to be authentically Italian, serving premium espresso-based coffee, fresh high quality food, and a neighborhood gathering spot by the end of 2000, the Nero team had built 31 cafes and established the company as a national brand and received British Design Council award for best company identity (Official Caffe’ Nero website). Caffe’ Nero considered themselves as both a fast moving consumer good (FMCG) or service provider. when marketing 4P’s strategy is enough the marketing mix is used when assessing the tools that can be used to influence buyer decisions(Kotler et al. 2009) When marketing…show more content…
so Caffe Nero isn't restricted to solely providing an area coffee and snacks. In the other hand customer able to go there simply to get pleasure from a meal with the European vogue decorating environment.

7P’s analysis and Service evaluation

Limitation of analysis : Caffe’ Nero in Bristol city only

1.) Product: As a resulted of there positioning and USP guidance Caffe’ Nero product mainly divided in to two main categories -Coffee: Caffe’ Nero providing European continental-style coffee offering which is different from the American style of its competitors. They providing high quality range of espresso based coffees with unique Italian style blend (Nero secret blending) made up from specific places beans which is exclusive to Caffè Nero. In addition custom recipe with customer size specification. In comparison with competitor in language of coffee customization Caffe’ Nero has less customization to offer to customer. They focusing on fixed menu and recipe. Customer can choose coffee only from original menu and special sessional promotion menu -Food: Nero foods inspiration taken from the Italian and Mediterranean menu which required to be simply but tasty, serve with fresh and matched ingredient in addition with healthy eating for help concerning customer. To expose himself into food market Nero face much more competitors in similar product range such as sandwich shop,
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