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8.02 CCC Chart and Reflection Event Type of Name Event "Just Say This event No" was campaign. political Part of because it President was a Reagan's change in domestic domestic policy was policy. a "War on Drugs," Reagan challenge s Gorbache v This was a political event because Reagan publicly challenged the Soviet Union after the U.S. came to diplomatic terms with them. Causes Course Consequences Nancy Reagan, began a Prisons overflowed, AIDs brought highly­publicized more attention to the public was anti­drug campaign. Los people’s health, angry, and no real Angeles Police Chief as well as changes in the Reagan’s wife, Daryl Gates founded the nation were…show more content…
Soviet rule ended in Eastern Europe. Many of the Soviet republics passed laws going against Gorbachev’s policies and wanted to leave the USSR. In 1991, the Soviet government voted to end itself. Gorbachev resigned and resumed work in Boris, Yeltsin. Reagan Pro­life and religious O’Connor became nominated her, groups opposed her; known for fulfilling his however, O’Connor meticulously pledge to didn’t fight these researching her incorporate a groups in order to opinions. She was leap for the women's rights movement. woman to the serve her purpose and Supreme court. not waste time on petty hand in the viewed as a guiding debates. She made Supreme Court many swing vote during this time, decisions, and became and pioneered the influential in U.S. way for women in justice. power. On Reagan's command the U.S forces would go and help groups within a country that was against Communism and rebels of liberty. In countries such as Afghan, El Salvador, and South Africa. The intervention The Reagan Doctrine South African Apartheid This was a social and political event because it deals with the U.S's relations and interventio ns with foreign countries that are anti­Com munist and non­Demo cratic. Political upheavals in various countries like Afghan, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Cuba, Iraq, etc. A

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