8.45 A. M Personal Narrative

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8:45 A.M.

It is December 03, 2005 and a typical Saturday morning where I was awakened by a restless night of sleep. I sat up in the bed, grabbed the remote to turn on the television, and then scanned my surroundings only to discover that I had become very familiar with the 4 walls of the room. You see, I was in a relationship (or so I thought) where I can honestly confess that I was not only lonely but I was also alone. I was in a relationship with a live in boyfriend whom rarely surfaced, well at least not when I was at home; his belongings where at my place, but very seldom was his presence made known. My thoughts concerning this so-called relationship begin to overwhelm me so I shifted gears and headed to the bathroom where I brushed my teeth and washed my face before being led by hunger to the kitchen where I prepared a bowl of cereal, slice of toast, and a glass of orange juice. After filling up on breakfast, I cleaned the kitchen and proceeded to the living room where I plopped on the sofa and begin to watch a re-run of living single (how appropriate). This episode was hilarious as Sinclair was doing laundry for Maxine and happened upon a pair intimates in Maxine’s laundry that belonged to Kyle (Maxine’s boyfriend). I laughed so hard that I my belly hurt a bit and tears fell from my eyes.
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As I sat on the edge of the ottoman I took a once over of the area and was pleased with my progress. I walked over to the bay window in the living room and peeled back the blinds in an effort to take in some sunshine. The evidence of my cleaning had become apparent by the fresh smell of lemons that greeted my nostrils. I stood in the window looking out over the balcony when the unwelcomed negative thoughts of my reality once again manifested. I swiftly walked over to the media area where I pushed the play button to CD number 2 that soon belted out the worship melody of “No Weapon” by Fred
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