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8 Ball Chicks by Gini Sikes

The book "8 Ball Chicks," written by Gini Sikes is a thrilling yet shocking book about girls in gangs. The book explains in horrific detail the roles and existences of the girls in these gangs. Sikes traveled to several different cities to experience the life of girl gangsters. She traveled to Los Angeles, San Antonio, and Milwaukee. Through these travels, she became immersed in the lifestyles of each gang and had first hand accounts on what it was like to be in a gang. Sikes met many girls whom she could not believe what had persuaded them to live like they did. Most of the girls wanted to just fit in with something, to have power or be safe. Sikes recognized that all these girls were victims of
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They would call it a “train”. Most girls would choose that option. Once in a lot of these girls who joined gangs were basically viewed a sex objects. These girls would end up a pregnant at a young age . They were raped and beaten by their boyfriends. The abuse was endless , violence was just a way of life for them. By the end of the book some or most of these girls quit these gangs due to motherhood or the desire to want more. Here is one of their stories. TJ was a member of the Lennox gang and the “Play Girl Gangstas.” When TJ was in the 9th grade, her mother moved to Lennox for cheaper housing due to her parents split. TJ was a good student until she moved to the Lennox, because TJ didn't like her new school her grades dropped. When her grades dropped, she was put into lower classes. In these classes, she meet Lennox gang members and so became influenced by them. Soon some male gang members began to notice her because of her looks. She enjoyed the attention she received so soon enough TJ began partying and hanging out with the guys at night. She felt love in comfort with them. She met a guy named Shotgun ( who beat her up so bad once that she had endured a miscarriage), which in turn made her even more popular with in the gang. As a result of her growing popularity she had a choice either to join the "Play Girl Gangstas" or get beaten up. Soon after she was

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