8 Factors Of Etiquettes And The Code Of Speech

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This includes the channels and mediums that are used to fulfill the act of speaking. This includes the method of communicating (writing, reading, speaking, acting or singing), the language that is used (may or may not include slangs depending on the seriousness of the conversation) and the dialect in with one speaks. This refers to the “style of speech” being used. Instruments vary depending upon the seriousness of the talk.
• Norms
This includes the social rules, behaviors and code of conduct that one is expected to follow while speaking. It may include the tone, manner, sequence, events, action and reaction of the participants and the goals during the act of speaking.
Norms may vary among the speech community, it may allow interruption during
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Each and every factor is important as the other and are interrelated. One cannot deny the importance of even a single one of them and a skilled speaker keeps every factor in mind while speaking. Etiquettes:
Etiquettes are what that differentiate between a professional speaker and a layman. One may have knowledge and know many facts and figures on a certain topic but without the proper speaking etiquettes one cannot share his views and be heard. Etiquettes are the rules, behaviors and the code of conduct by a society that one must follow while living in and following a specific culture. These rules may vary from place to place and culture to culture while some of the etiquettes are universal and are expected to be obeyed by one in any part of the world.
• Universal etiquettes
There’s always a bridge that connects all cultures. Around the globe there may be different languages and certain dialects but certain things bond and connect us despite all the difference. These are what help us communicate across cultures while in the presence of multiple barriers. There are a set of universally accepted rules that one must obey while speaking. By following these simple guidelines one may be able to become a better
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