803 Week 5 Reading Reflection

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History 803 Week Five Reading Reflections Two things stood out to me this week: the first was just how much emphasis was put on the Gomery inquiry, and its impact on Canadian politics and its similarities to current Canadian politics. The second was how larger the concept of neoliberalism loomed in the global community in the two years before the Great Recession, which has come under fierce criticism in contemporary politics both in Canada and internationally. The Gomery Inquiry loomed large in the Canadian political, pre-Harper, era and served to undermine Paul Martin's Liberal government. In stark contrast, Harper was openly calling, and borderline preaching, for greater government and ministerial accountability. I cannot help but…show more content…
Before the recession in 2007-2008 an economy based on neoliberalism and augmented by globalization, was heralded as the best economic model for Canada. The argument went that if Canada pursued a strong policy of free trade with countries, both through NAFTA and other agreements with countries and trading blocs, it would ensure economic prosperity for Canada. However the Great Recession has thrown this argument into question. Canada has still not recovered economically from the Great Recession, the majority of the jobs being the manufacturing sector, which prior to the recession was the mainstay of the Canadian economy. With the recession's aftermath came people beginning to question the economic line that both the Conservatives and Liberals used. Nevertheless the Liberals, by all appearances, are committed to the traditional, free trade narrative. It does not mean there has not been pushback over globalization and it is particularly felt among those who feel that they are not able to make ends meet in today's economy. This, in part was how Trump was elected and it remains to be seen whether this potential revolt about globalization will continue across the border into Canadian political
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