804 Case Letter

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Hello Quiotis, Great response, I truly enjoyed your expression to the scenario. The story line was exceptionally fascinating on the grounds that this does happen a lot, especially when a person feels like we all might get into trouble. I total agree with you on the defendant’s was seeing driving all over the road and the officer had a substantial motive to make the stop. The passenger only spoke the truth of course but a prosecutor will try to have it use as hearsay which it maybe. Overall Wallace stated it so 80% of it was the truth. Thank you as well for exploring the 804 rule when applies to the hearsay evidence. Good job. Hi Naithan, I like reading your response, it covered every detail of the scenario. Which was great, I didn’t need to re-read your post. I think the prosecution has a good case, with or without the witness Wallace utterance, my reason are, first the driver was stop for his erratic driving on the road way. After the officer Leonard…show more content…
This rule is planned as an aide for taking care of them. Then again, a few circumstances repeat with adequate frequency to create designs helpless of treatment by particular principles. Hi Charlene, Another one of your great response, I like it. I didn’t look at it the way you would have went with your questioning but I like it, this just showed there are different ways to attack any situation. I like it how on the off chance that you were the judge, asking the prosecutor what is the relevance to his questions. Again you are absolutely right when you said consuming alcohol and driving under influenced has nothing to do with if Wallace loved the defendant. I believed the prosecutor was trying to disqualify Wallace
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