805 1 the Four Functions of Management

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Introduction to Management

Assignment One (805.1): The Four Functions of Management

Task One: Interview
The person I chose to interview for my case study was the Village Manager at Summerset Aotea. Summerset Aotea is a new retirement village for the over 65’s that opened 7 years. The majority of its residents live independently however it is able to provide up to resthome level care for residents living in the main building. The current Village Manager has worked at Aotea for almost 4 years and with Summerset for 7 years. She manages 24 staff including caregiving, nursing, property, activities, sales, café and office staff.

Q) There are many types of plans that workplaces use to meet their goals and objectives, including
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It should sum up and reflect what your business is all about and is used to provide a defined path and guide decision making. A vision is different to a mission statement in that it is future-focused and meant to inspire and give direction to the employees of the organisation. Elaine J. Hom (2013) clarifies that a mission statement explains “Why does my business exist?” while a vision explains “Where do I see my business going?”

Once the mission statement has been refined, the business plan and strategic plan can be developed. These are a written statement of the business: what you want to achieve and how you plan to go about it. The business plan is a collection of sub-plans for all main aspects of the business, such as marketing, finance and human resources. A strategic plan is similar however it is future-focused. Chris Ahoy (1998) summarises strategic planning as charting a definite course based on strong indicators of what the business environment will be like looking three to five years ahead.

A marketing plan specifies who the enemy competition is, who the customers are, where they get their information and how you’re going to deliver the message to them (Mulvey & Britt, 2010). It can be a stand-alone plan or included within a business or strategic plan.

Contingency planning uses creative thinking and problem-solving techniques to assist a business in preparing for worst-case
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