87% Of All U.S. Counties Have No Abortion Providers (10

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87% of all U.S. counties have no abortion providers (10 Important Facts). Abortion is a huge controversial topic in the United States today. The question many people are asking is should abortion be legal or illegal? Illegalizing abortion in the United States would completely reduce getting rid of innocent lives but since it is currently legal in the United States, women should take advantage of the other options. Instead of ending an unfinished pregnancy, there can be healthy and thoughtful choices. Abortion needs to be made the very last option. Women can make adoption their alternative and giving their baby to a relative that wants to take it until the birth mother is ready. Women feel like they should have the right to say whether the…show more content…
Privacy was the reasoning during this trial because in most of the Constitution, it protects a person’s right to privacy; a woman’s pregnancy is her decision based on the fact that the Fourth Amendment ensures a person’s protection. It is time for the other options to be important. Reducing the need for abortion can be very simple, stop having unprotected sex and stop being careless. All women who are sexually active and do not want children need to be on birth control, they need to know about the morning after pill, and be educated in family planning services; these pans can cut out the option of abortion. Giving a baby to a family that wants one instead of taking innocent lives out of this world. An unborn baby has the right to live and to have the proper care of a wanted baby. It is not the baby’s fault that the mother does not want it. Abortion should not be the first option women think of as a contraception; contraception is too late in this case. Abortion is an awful alternative and this alternative should be a mothers last plan. Adoption is the best alternative. There are so many advantages in adoption rather than abortion. When a woman proceeds to have an abortion, the prices can range very high, the average price for an abortion is $2000, plus additional charges (qtd. American Adoptions). Adoption is free and blesses many families who are unable to have children. There are so many families who are on a waiting list from an adoption agency who are hoping
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