8th Grade Chaperones Speech

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Greetings, 8th-grade chaperones!

The trip will be here before we know it, and I wanted to give you a heads-up regarding ticket prices, hotel rooms, etc...

Hotel Rooms:
We all fit; I found a place in our school sponsored rooms for all of our chaperones! It's a tight fit, but we are a friendly group... Let the good times roll!

Tickets and Food:
I'd like to collect money for money for the Great America tickets asap-- $32. Please make a check out to DIBI in that amount and bring it to our parent meeting this Thursday or send it in with your child at some point this week. Please note "Great America chaperone ticket" in the memo section.

If you choose to jump at Sky High it's $16. We are heading to a late movie on Wednesday evening. The cost
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