8th Grade NAP Essay

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Among the students who continue to struggle are many minority students who show a deficit in math and science readiness. This deficit is apparent in nearly every state in the United States. Blank, Manise, Brathwaite & Langesen (1999), indicate that an examination of performance in all states reveals a point difference of 30 to 50 percentage points between white students and the minority students’ scores on the 8th grade NAEP exam. Although Naples is a wealthy community, there is a significant portion of the Haitian and Hispanic community who face socioeconomic challenges. Many students of Haitian and Hispanic descent are failing to attain passing academic ratings in mathematics, science and English. The most urgent of concerns for educators and national stakeholders alike is the lack of representation of African Americans, Hispanics, and Native Americans among those students who are high achievers in math and science. Therefore the participants of the study will include Hispanic-American, Haitian-American and African American students in grade 9. This population is a representative sample of the minority students who represent the achievement gap. There are no Native American students in the…show more content…
Surveys, according to Lovelace & Brickman (2013), are able to divulge information critical to the educator’s pedagogical practices, since practitioners can measure how students’ attitudes toward math and science influence their learning. Attitudes toward science are either positive or negative, and these innate feelings and predispositions affect students’ ability to learn science and math and acquire mastery of the subjects. Thus, educational practitioners use these psychometric measurements, in conjunction with learning outcomes to draw conclusions about levels of efficacy in their own instructional
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