9-11-2001: A Horrible Experience Of Flight 11

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September-11-2001, there was a horrible experience for a lot of city people. Nearly 3,000 people died during this event and the people who did it enjoyed it. The people who did it are Bin Laden and Bush. Those two were on top of the wanted list for every country except for their country. THIS WAS THE DAY THAT THE TWIN TOWERS FELL. Most people may be wondering how did they aboard the plans well let me tell you. Flight 11 was about to take off, but four strange people got on last minute before the plane took off they boarded with the boring key to the Cockpit. It was 7:30AM, when they took off, but they changed the time to 7:35AM, they were up in the air for a long time two hours passed it was 9:00AM, coming up to New York the four strange
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