9/11 Causes And Effects

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On the 11th of September, 2001, America was under attack. 19 men hijacked four domestic American passenger planes, with the intention of crashing them into several iconic American landmarks. Two of the planes crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, reducing them to rubble. A third plane crashed into the Pentagon, and the fourth plane, en route to Washington D.C, crashed into a field in Pennsylvania after the passengers attempted to overthrow the hijackers. Almost 3000 people died that day as a result of the attacks. September 11th is a day permanently ingrained into the minds of millions of Americans and one of the, if not the largest scar on the face of modern American history. Suspicions arose only a few days after the attack regarding who was responsible and blame quickly fell on the jihadist terrorist group known as Al-Qaeda, primarily based in Afghanistan.…show more content…
In response to the terror attack, the then president, George W. Bush, called for the Taliban regime of Afghanistan to hand over any and all Al-Qaeda members within the nation, as part of his declaration of a global war on terror. When the Taliban refused to do so, the United States launched the first of many attacks on
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