9/11 Conspiracy Theories Essay

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Introduction On September 11, 2001 the World Trade Center buildings one and two were attacked. However, who we were attacked by and even if we were attacked is a hard decision to make. There have been many different claims about how everything on that fateful day happened. There are facts that we know are true, though; Flight 11 flew into the North Tower at eight forty- six in the morning. Soon after, Flight 175 attacked the South Tower. By the end of the day, both towers had collapsed and other hijacked flights had caused damage. The amount of lives lost on September 11 was substantial; 2,749 people from eighty-three different countries died from the attacks (Facts about the attacks…, n.d.). All in all, America was changed forever.…show more content…
The news, even though it may be broadcasting the real facts, may show videos or just talk about the subject so much that viewers are more scared than they need to be. They essentially “overdo” it, and leave Americans and others with different ideas in their minds than they need to have. This idea of sensationalism is a big problem with the situation on 9-11, and is used in it and other conspiracies to convince people of ridiculous notions. Both Sides Those who believe the WTC was destroyed by controlled demolitions argue the debris that blew out of windows was the result of an explosive. But experts disagree by saying the debris was simply the contents of the offices inside being blown out with air as the floors collapsed on top of each other. Also, demolition professionals say explosives are placed on lower levels, whereas, the planes hit the buildings at very high floors. No signs of a bomb were found in the wreckage of the buildings (Debunking the 9/11 myths, n.d.). Those who believe the planes that hit the WTC were remote controlled say there is no way al Qaeda could have even come up with the plan to hijack and crash the planes, much less have acted it out within an hour. The manufacturer stated the planes that hit the buildings had only one system of control: from the flight deck. Many telephone calls were made from passengers on the planes saying they were being hijacked.

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