9/11 Economic Analysis

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However, the deaths are not the only loss the 9/11 attacks created but the economic costs were also a significant blow to the United States. The direct cost losses being related to the damage caused by the destruction of the buildings include but are not limited to; the loss of the four civilian aircrafts with a value of $385 million, the replacement cost for the destruction of the buildings amounting to $4.5 billion, $10 to $13 billion of property and infrastructure damages, a loss of 17$ billion in lost waged and direct job losses along with considerable losses exceeding $45 billions in insurance industry and traffic revenue (Institute for the analysis of Global security). But the damages don’t cease there. In fact, according to the report published by Watson Institute for International Studies of Brown University, the US governments’s…show more content…
This doesn’t include future interest costs from the borrowing the US will have to make if the war is still ongoing in the future. This is a colossal loss for the country especially taking into consideration the fact that the war on terror increased the US’s debt by more than ten percent with the addition of $2.1 trillion. It also made Taxpayers spend more than $800 billion on the Iraq War alone (Amedeo). The post attacks losses the US suffered from can not be completely determined yet as they keep increasing with the ongoing wars in the Middle East which still represent a great part of 9/11 and its consequences. The post 9/11 phase saw a considerable increase in deportation in the United States and a decrease in immigration. In fact, multiple measures were taken to strengthen the immigration system and alter the country’s view and debate of immigration which was, and still is, a hot topic. In 2002, the Bush Administration passed the Homeland
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