9 / 11 Inside Job

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Holly James
Mr. Bergmann
Senior English B2
31 March 2015
9/11 Inside Job On September 11, 2001, four different planes were hijacked by terrorists. Two of them headed for the Twin Towers, the other headed for the Pentagon and the other nobody really knows for sure. The two that were headed for the Twin Towers, sadly made it there and crashed into both of them, they collapsed. The one headed toward the Pentagon also made it there. But the other plane didn’t make it to wherever it was supposed to be going, because of some brave passengers trying to take control of the plane and crashing it into a field, sacrificing their selves to save everyone else. (9/11 Mystery: What Was Flight 93 's Target?) Not everyone believes that everything happened quite like that, that it was all done by terrorists. Many people believe that 9/11 was an inside job, ordered by government officials. There is some evidence that this could have been possible. Later in the day, after the attacks had taken place and all the other flights were grounded, there was a search of all planes. While searching two of the planes, there were knife like objects found hidden in there. Nobody can be quite sure how the weapons got there, but it is widely believed that they were prepositioned by some accomplices of the 9/11 attack. (What Happened on 9/11?") People also question why the passenger count on the hijacked planes were so extremely low that day. On one of the flights, only 37 out of 182 seats were filled.…

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