9 / 11 Reflection Paper

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On Thursday, November 16, 2017, a student analysis was completed during the Language Arts writing assignment at Sharpsville Elementary, in a Third Grade classroom. At this time, I was teaching the class about different heroes that were a part in the event on September 11, 2001. The writing assignments was conducted at the beginning of an assessment indicating what students already knew about the event, and what students wanted to know about 9/11 throughout the lesson. Also, the other parts of the writing assignments were after the minilesson. The students were given “traits of a hero” sheet, graphic organizer, and “a hero is” writing prompt. The age group of these students were between ages 8-9 years old.

Types of Texts

In the beginning, the class was asked to write on a K-W-L chart to fill in the first two columns. The first column indicated what students knew about September 11, 2001. Students were to write down importance points, details, or thoughts about the event. The second column allow students to think of what they wanted to know more about from that day. Students could ask questions or narrow in on what they wanted to know. For example; a child wanted to know how many people died. Another child wanted to know why it happened. Many students wanted to know how many planes crashed on September 11, 2001. All these shows inferences that students wanted to know about the importance time in history. This assessment builds under the expanding column because students were uses prewriting strategies such as using a K-W-L chart as brainstorm thoughts and ideas towards September 11, 2001.

Content and Traits

For the “traits of a hero” activity, students were supposed to branch off from Hero circle. Several classmates were constructing their own thoughts and ideas using feelings and opinions to understand traits of a hero. Students needed to know characteristics and traits of what makes someone a hero. This activity focuses on the bridging column in which students use strong words, interesting language when forming their thoughts. Towards the bottom of the activity, students were writing a sentence on “a hero is someone who”. For example; a child wrote that a hero uses tools, has bravery, fights, help

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