9 / 11 Speech Analysis

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When the twin towers were destroyed in New York City by the terrorist group led by Osama Bin Laden, a Country filled with panic, sadness, and anger was left behind. Thousands of innocent civilians were killed, and the families of the fallen suffered greatly. People demanded answers, and wanted justice. People also felt unsafe, and were unaware if it was reasonable to expect another attack. President George Walker Bush prepares a speech for congress to discuss the events that took place, and the plans that will take place because of these events. The objectives of the speech Bush was trying to accomplish were informing the nation what had happed on September 11th, he then noted that it was not Muslins to be blamed for the attack, the challenges that lie ahead, and our plan for the “War on Terror.” The President uses the canons of rhetoric to execute a speech that met his audience’s needs. The speech took place on September 20th which is nine days after the attack occurred. There are several reasons that Bush waited nine days before presenting the speech, but having nine days to prepare for a speech of this magnitude is hardly any time at all. When he addressed the nation the night of the attack the speech must have been much easier to prepare for due to the fact that there is not yet a plan in place. When addressing congress a plan needs to be in place and it needs to be said efficiently. There was a clear objective in the message Bush was trying to convey to congress,

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