9/11 Terrorism Research Paper

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Terrorism continues devastatingly in the United States to this day and has increasingly become a more major concern. Starting in 1886 with the Haymarket Affair, a bombing that killed 12 in Chicago, there has been an exponential increase in the amount of terrorist attacks since then. The 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center was a preface to many other terrorist attacks to follow, for example, 9/11. The destruction of this attack gave the United States a reason to fear more massacres and allowed us to increase security and protection of our nation. The biggest terrorist attack in the United States to this day is the 9/11 plane attack on the World Trade Center Towers that killed close to three thousand innocent citizens. What many people do…show more content…
Kushigian.). One truck contained twelve hundred pounds of homemade explosives, and the other served as an escape vehicle (New York City (NYC) World Trade Center Bombing – 1993). The terrorists placed the bomb, set it to detonate, and then they rapidly evacuated the scene. The explosion demolished six underground parking levels of the North Tower, injured over one thousand people, and killed six innocent individuals (“A Timeline of Domestic Terrorism”). Injuries caused included respiratory issues, mobility impairments, sight and hearing limits and cardiovascular problems (The World Trade Center Bombing: Report and Analysis). The eruption cut power in both towers and to an adjoining hotel, the Vista Hotel. Operations of the elevators, lighting, communication, and even the generators stopped functioning The wintery climate conditions had ensured that more people than usual would be inside the building, trapping an unsettling amount inside elevators (“1993 World Trade Center Bombing”). This attack was “one of the worst terrorist attacks ever to occur on U.S. soil” at the time (Greenspan, Jesse). Evidence suggests that the extremists were aiming for the Twin Towers because they targeted tourist attractions and tall buildings where they could cause maximum damage; at the time the Twin Towers were the tallest buildings in America (Parachini, John V.). Once captured, the leader of the devious plan, Ramzi Yousef, confessed that the explosion was meant to take down the North Tower entirely and to create enough debris to knock down the second tower (“FBI 100 - 1993 Trade Center Bombing”). The extremists claimed to believe that bringing down both towers mandated that they go beneath the building, hence why they set the
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