9/11 Terrorist Rules

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In my opinion, the September 11th terrorists attacked the U.S. because it was their goal to kill as many people as possible. Another reason I believe they attacked the U.S. is because they have extreme hatred for the western ways. Majority of things that the United States does on a day-to-day basis goes against what the extremists believe in. Before the attacks, the U.S. should have implemented stricter rules while flying. Before September 11th, flying was much easier to do then it is now a days. If they had same rules that they have now they might have been able to prevent September 11th from happening. U.S. has implemented several laws since September 11th to try to prevent such a disaster from occurring again. Such as the Patriot Act which essentially makes it easier to spy on American citizens to try to intercept any information on terrorism. In my…show more content…
September 11th has affected my life in many different ways. Just by watching, the event as a child changed my perspective on life. It has made me more grateful for my life and for my family’s lives. It taught me to take no day for granted and any day may be my last. I consider Mark’s acts to be terrorism because it was his goal to kill as many people as possible. The statement at the end of the chapter The Chore proves my point. Mark said “In my mind, if I’d walked in that mosque and leveled about a hundred or so people, that would’ve made a statement, too” (Giridas 52). The biggest similarity between Mark’s acts and the terrorists acts were that it was their goal to murder as many innocent people as possible. A difference between Mark and the terrorists is, that Mark wanted to murder as many people that he thought were Muslim as possible because of the events of September 11th. The terrorist did not care who they killed as long as they were
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