90 Tickets Of Instant Noodles Character Analysis

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The novel 90 Packets of Instant Noodles, written by Deb Fitzpatrick. The novel involves the act of growing up and a twist of adventure. It is about a boy named Joel who gets sent off to solitary confinement as punishment for a crime that has been committed. Through the book we examine how each character faces an internal struggle or moral dilemma within themselves. The character Joel faces moral dilemmas of friendship, guilt and not doing the right thing. In the novel, we also notice Joel’s father face internal struggles which involve his son being such a troublemaker because of the father-son relationship they have. Lastly, we witness Joel’s best mate Craggs, who faces the internal struggles of family and not being loved. All of the characters…show more content…
Craggs displays the internal struggle of family through direct characterisation. On pages 89-90 you read Joel thinking about Craggs’s family problems. From page 90 you notice how as all the shouting an anger coming from inside is being made an all Craggs does is keep his little sister Hannah safe and reassuring her everything will be okay. This shows us a more soft, sensitive side of Craggs. Craggs doesn't have a stable home lifestyle from indirect characterisation which represents the way he acts out, in order to gain his parents attention, instead of always fighting with each other. On page 157 Craggs say to Joel in the letter “ I had to lie on my release conditions and say I’d be living with the old’s (as if that would ever help me), this signifies how Craggs thinks his parents don't care about him. Another struggle Craggs face is the fear of not being loved. Craggs doesn't have any affection from anyone besides his sister and Joel. He fears that he want ever be loved. In the text we read how Craggs only friend is Joel and how Joel is the person Craggs can be honest and loyal too. But after the whole incident Craggs fear he has a lost that sense of affection. All of his internal struggles associated in the novel are presented throughout the whole
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