911 Phone Calls: A Textual Analysis

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One thing I found interesting was the part where the blind girl was walking down the sidewalk. Usually when she walked down the sidewalk people would be courteous and moe to the side to “be out of the way”. Though people thought they were just being nice, this made her feel almost lonely walking, as if no one else was there with her because she couldn’t hear or feel them among her. With the device, she was able to sense people on the street with her feeling vibrations on her tongue. I just thought that would’ve been an amazing experience to witness that and it really caught my attention. Another thing that really made me pay attention was the 911 phone call. I don’t think this was supposed to be such a big impact in the video but it was for me. The phone call was about an attack on a girl and she had called 911 for help. Being that she spoke another language, she needed translation (which is where I think it comes in handy with this video). Usually 911 translation operators don’t get these kinds of calls often. Most are questions about what we might think are “easy.” So this was kind of a shock. The phone call…show more content…
How do you think this topic might relate our study of religion?

This topic could be related with religion in many ways. With religion comes very different aspects. As with the same with language. To be able to understand people with different languages you need to find a way to communicate with them, which could possibly mean learning about their language. This can be interacted the same way with religion.

[Optional] Are there any other thoughts or comments you’d like to share? Is there anything you’d like the class to discuss about this podcast?

I feel like with it being a longer podcast, personally I started to zone out at parts and only focused on a couple (what I thought was) important views and stories. I liked how they played common music in different languages. That was interesting and nice to
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