9239: Statement Of Originality. Electronic Signatures Are

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9239: Statement of originality

Electronic signatures are acceptable

Student declaration:

I confirm that the enclosed material is all my own work. I have not copied or based my work on any samples or exemplars to which I have had access. Any work taken from another source has been appropriately referenced and acknowledged.

Name: Rachel Tavolieri

Date: 4/17/2017

Teacher Declaration:

I verify that I have supervised sufficient work to enable me to say with confidence that this is the candidate’s own work. The work has been fully checked and these checks included looking for:

copying from any sample/exemplar materials; copying from other students; the possibility of a third person writing the work.

I also confirm that the
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The topic of ex-felon voting is a delicate one that is handled on several different levels depending on the country and the crime.
Murder, theft, and assault are three of the more extreme examples of reasons a person may become labeled as a felon. When a person gets a sentencing of felony crime they automatically go to a jail for a minimum of one year, which is a considerable amount of time.
In order for a person to be classified as a ex-felon it means they have been released from prison, yet they still may have parole time to be served. This time could be as short as a year, or up to 10 years. This shows that in a way the law enforcement for a period of time still has control over the ex-felons lives. This brings up the argument of why ex-felons should not be allowed to vote.
According to a statistic from 2006, in the United States more than three-fourths of felony defendants had a prior arrest history, with 69% having multiple prior arrests (Criminal). This statistic shows the ineffectiveness of jails and prisons to change a person 's attitude and overall behavior. This backs up the argument of once a person commits a crime, that will forever be their mentality, therefore, their immediate right to vote should permanently be revoked. This also shows the immaturity of ex-felons as they have a difficult time grasping the concept of law and order.
Another statistic that brings the mental stability of ex-felons into

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