9th Grade Research Paper

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The age of nine or ten is when I realized that I wasn't like the kids around me. I did not have people to call mother or father , no one to come to parent teacher conferences. Not having anyone to draw the family photos of, it was just me and my sister. Remembering being all alone walking down those too long and too big halls filled with too many people. Everyday as a Nobody Girl with clothes too big from the local Goodwill was shoved pushed aside or tripped and as I get up I put on a brave face for my sister. She was everything to me. Having to be brave for her, to her I was mother and father , not sister. Getting home from a too long of a day for a ten year old, and had to deal with an emotionally abusive guardian, and a depressed guardian…show more content…
It felt as if I was surrounded by freezing water while on the inside being burned alive. I let my grades drop I did not care, all that mattered was being an adult and supporting my sister. My teachers did not care, I was invisible. Easy to lose in the crowd.The kids in my grade avoided me because I was “ abnormal” because I did not speak. The people who were supposed to be my guardians did not have enough money to feed both my sister and me. So I did not eat except for what was left over from dinner. I became pale and skinny. I looked like sick all the time. The only time I ate good was every other weekend when I went to my great aunt and uncle's house. This was the very best that life was going to get from me. I believed I was going to end up like my mother a drug user, and have no life. A few years later, my sister and I moved in with my aunt and uncle. They took my sister and me and gave us a great home. We both started to do a lot better. I got healthy and not so sickly looking, I started to talk a lot more, and I got my grades up. Unfortunately, my little sister did not like the fact that she wasn't entitled to anything anymore, and moved back in with our old Guardians.
Realizing that I'm me, not anyone else. It took me a while to realize it, but that makes me who I am today. I will not hold grudges for the people who have hurt me. Now I have moved on in my life. I think that's what makes me work so well with other people is that I know they they
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