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A-1 Product Finishing Glen P. Meyerhofer Concordia University Wisconsin BUS 130-3: Business Management December 13, 2011 Dear Bill Burgundy, I want to start off by thanking you for the opportunity to help determine the future course of action for A-1 Product Finishing. I congratulate you on 13 years of great success in running your company. That is something to be very proud of. I hope can be of assistance to you and your business. You have owned A-1 Product Finishing since 1993 and in the mean time you have grown the sales in the company by 1 million dollars. I think it is safe to say that the growth has not come without setbacks. I believe I have some great ideas for you to explore with your company. But throughout this…show more content…
I see that the finishing shop is divided into two primary areas of operation plastic products and metal productions. I believe in hiring people who have great passion for what they do. Look to hire two professional painters with high levels of experience and a college education to head and manage you two areas of product finishing. Having leaders who are passionate and enjoy what they are doing will influence others below them to work harder, take pride in their work and work more efficiently which will ultimately produce a better finished product. With a better finished product, less time and money will be spent on repairs, refinishing and redoes of products. Another way for improving in A-1 Products Finishing sales is to make additions to your “quick service” sales pitch. Offer the option of overnight shipping/trucking at little extra cost. Also try offering a special of free shipping of an order for every 25 orders of business done through A-1 Products Finishing. Another special idea would be to offer free shipping for a week, two weeks or a month (up to a certain dollar amount) for doing a set amount of business ($ amount) with your company in a year. A-1 Products finishing can only be as good as its customer base. You have to increase that by marketing. Hire people seasonally or on a slow day of business have employees of least seniority go door to door of
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