A-10 Pylon: A Case Study

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DLA Troop Support Managed Seal, NSN 5330-01-040-0677, AAC D, supporting the A-10 Pylon, had 10ea ORT failures with no stock in the network. Root cause of failures are a result of no quotes received by any potential sources and no bid from Northrop Grumman. No contracts in place to support future requirements. JDA statistical forecast for 90/180/365/730 days is 6/11/21/38ea. DSCM forecast is 4.48/7.96/14.92/28.84ea. Local aggregate Level is 42ea with a minimum protect level of 9ea. Demand History as follows: 2014=16, 2015=22, 2016=14 with spike in demands for Sep 16. Previous PR for 100ea was cancelled in Apr 16 due to no bid. Sustainment Specialist emailed buyer on 26 Sep 16 requesting status of PR. Response from buyer is PR for 153ea
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