A Analysis On The Stripe Hog

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FOREWORD Waterblasting Technologies manufactures the Stripe Hog Waterblasting System to remove all types of durable pavement markings from roadways and runways and rubber deposits left from aircraft landings. The business began in 1988 and the Stripe Hog has been available to the public since 2005 and is now in 50 countries with more units working around the world than our top five competitors combined. The fact that the founder, James Crocker, has been a waterblasting contractor since 1988 has allowed Waterblasting Technologies to have a laboratory where new innovations reckon with the real time results of every day rugged use. The Stripe Hog was the first to have vacuum recovery as a standard feature, the first to have the entire…show more content…
• Simultaneous removal of parallel markings with the double blasting heads in the side-by-side configuration. • Rapid removal of single, continuous lines with the double blasting heads in the tandem configuration. • Cleaning and rejuvenation of the retro-reflectivity of thermoplastic and cold plastic markings. • Simultaneous vacuum recovery allows of application of new markings in 20 minutes LATEST DEVELOPMENTS IN WATERBLASTING TECHNOLOGY FOR MODERN AIRPORT OPERATIONS Waterblasting Technologies has the following technology unique to them and the industry: • BLASTING HEADS PICTURE OF BLASTING HEADS • Up to a 6 foot (1.83m) pass for runway rubber removal • Variety of spray bars available to meet removal and cleaning needs. • OPERATOR LICENSING PROGRAM  “If you don’t pass, you don’t blast.” Extensive training and continuing education programs that allows Stripe Hog owners to measure the productivity of their operators.  Licensing gives owners peace of mind that comes with knowing the right person is operating the machine in the right way.  Only licensing program in the industry.  Maximize productivity with properly trained operators. • HIGHER DEBRIS TANK CAPACITY DEBRIS TANK PHOTO OR ILLUSTRATION OF DEBRIS TANK LIKE THE WATER TANK ONE ON WEBSITE • Longer run time. • Less work stoppage so airports can stay within their critical window of opportunity. • SURFACE HOG SURFACE HOG PHOTO • Gives airport the ability to remove markings and clean under jetway
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