A Analysis On Web Analytics

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According to Bryan Eisenberg, a marketing consultant : “Investing in people and the tools that those people need to be successful is key, but it 's the people who can understand that data that really matter” .Web analytics tools spew mammoth data in the form of various reports, data sets, data, charts and overlays. It is the responsibility of an analyst to deduce this data and provide insights to the organization for enhancements. No organization use web analytics every time, but it 's advantageous to be familiar with some of the top preferences and how they fit into the whole web strategy and using multiple tools only gives you further levels of insight into your customers and your success rate, which is not easy. If you do not have adequate web analysts or qualified brains for this job, no tool, how expensive that might be, can improve your online business. We see that many huge enterprises invest millions of dollars in to buy expensive tools; these expensive tools cannot explain what to do with this huge data.
To overcome all these shortcomings, Avinash Kaushik, who is a specialist in the field of web analytics introduced 10/90 rule in his blog Occam’s razor which was published in 2006. This rule explains that for every $100 investment you make on your business, $10 should be invested in selecting an advanced web analytics tool and $90 should be invested in choosing highly skilled analytic professionals, who can configure and implement the advanced web analytic tools…
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