A Annotated Bibliography On The Field Of Nursing

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An annotated bibliography is used to assess other written works of information related to the topic you are discussing. This assignment is to help students learn how to deal with one of the many communication concerns they may come across in the field of nursing. They will achieve this by researching and assessing other sources as well as evidently and logically writing about their findings. The topic of this annotated bibliography is communicating with people who have Aphasia. Aphasia is neurological condition that occurs when the tissues in the left hemisphere of the brain that are responsible for speech, reading and writing are impaired (National Institute of Neurological Disorders, 2013). The main signs of this disorder are: trouble in articulating oneself when speaking, difficulty understanding speech, and problems with reading and writing. Aphasia is usually caused by a stroke, severe head trauma, brain tumors, and brain infections (National Institute of Neurological Disorders, 2013). Aspasia is more common in elderly individuals, The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) states that Aphasia will occur in 15% percent of persons under the age of 65 and will increase to 43% for people that are 85 years of age and older (National Institute of Neurological Disorders, 2013). This subject is relevant to the nursing practice because in this field of work you will come across many people that have different disabilities, like Aphasia and it is
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