A Article On Animal Eyes

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This article is about different animal eyes. It presents different eyes and how they help that particular animal survive and thrive in its environment. It has five different sections that are all very different but tie into each other. It names several unique animals and has multiple photos to go along with each section. Even just at first glance, this article is very eye-catching (no pun intended). At the least, the photographs from this article could be used various ways in a classroom. You could identify the animal each set of eyes belongs to and talk about the physical differences: shape, color, position, and other physical features. The pictures could be cut out and then in half to create a matching game. Just using the photographs, you could also compare our eyes to the eyes of these animals. A point-of-view activity with these photos would be interesting and engaging as well. Students could choose a set of animal eyes and write about what they are looking at! Getting into the actual information that the article presents, it is broken down into sections: eye position, eye size, eye protection, oddball eyes, and our eyes. Using these categories, students could research and find other animals that fit into each. We could also discuss the significance of each. Why does the size of some animal’s eyes matter, why does the positioning of animals eyes matter, why is the protection of the eyes important, etc. We could pretend we had eyes like some of these
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