A Assessment Of K Class And Personal Research

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I would like to give a realistic assessment of the diverse ways to pay for my education as a result of the ACA class and personal research. As demonstrated in the power point presentation there are five types of financial aids discussed. Significantly important to me were grants and scholarships, due to the fact you do not repay any money back. As a perfect illustration of a frugal person to pay for their education these formulate an appositive route for me to take. The ramifications of my impoverishment has lead me to pursue additional grants and scholarships for my schooling and living expenses. Although there are other forms of financial aid, I am disabled, I have found the other viable financial aid that might be able to benefit my…show more content…
Although, it almost negatively influenced my past summer semester when I was bedridden. I wanted to withdraw from classes. Right away, I got assistances from my advisor and instructor informing me not withdraw, just do your best. In like manner it reminded me this is what I was taught as a child. Consequently, I would not quit and I earned a GPA of a 4.0 and will try my best to maintain that average. How I calculated the GPA, took two classes that were three credit hours each received an A in both classes, multiplied the credited hours by my grades then divided with total hours.

Balanced against my health and the chance of losing the financial aid I will move forward. Just encase I may need to be informed about SAP this class has edified me. I will now explain the three types of criteria or measurements for evaluating SAP and the appeal procedure.

I will explain Financial Grade Aid Point Average this is calculated from 1-24 credits you are obligated to obtain a 1.6 GPA; 25-47 is 1.8 and the last criteria for more than 47 credited hours must be 2.0 GPA. Depending on what your major is the above GPA’s I’ve mentioned could eliminate you out of some programs.

The second prong is SAP is staying in at least virtuous graces in the completion rate. This is an additional information I had never heard of. It is essential to have completed 67% of all attempted courses. Students cannot withdraw from class due to failing grades habitually without ramification.

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