A Background On Christa Wolf 's Life

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Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve had an immense interest in learning about the past, more specifically, the past of my very own ancestors. This interest was what pushed me to start learning German when I was eleven years old. With every year and every German class we learned about sentence structure, verb conjugation, and most importantly, I was introduced to German authors. But, in all of my years of learning German and reading different works, I was never introduced to any German authors that were female. This, in part with my passion for learning new things about Germany, is what fueled me to write this research paper on Christa Wolf. In this paper, I hope to provide a background on Christa Wolf’s life, take a deeper look at some of her most important and influential works, and take a look at some of the controversy revolving around Wolf. Born Christa Ihlenfeld on March 18th 1929 in a town by the name of Landsberg an der Warthe (what is today the town of Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland), Christa’s father owned a grocery store with some help from Christa’s mother, which provided Christa and her younger brother with a comfortable and carefree childhood. 1“Gorzow-wielkopolski is located approximately twenty-five miles from Germany’s eastern border. Landsberg, with its modest red brick houses that line the river, and the surrounding countryside, with its dark pine forests and sandy hills, are the perfect setting for a novel. These characteristics, allowed many of Wolf’s

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